Restore your Core Mama!

First step…

Check out our Tamsin's blog to find out what your core muscles are and why it is important to strengthen them.

Whatever your fitness goals are, you'll hear a lot about the "core." This weekend I attended a fitness class at my local gym. Throughout the class the instructor kept repeating the phrase “Engage your core!” But at no point did she actually explain what that meant or how you should go about doing it! You […]

Next thing…

Have a look at Laura's blogs about how to correctly engage your core. Make sure that you can connect with your tva and pelvic floor whilst you are performing the exercises in these videos.

The term “core” is really a fitness buzzword and its actual meaning can be debated to no end. If you have read Tamsin’s blog you know about the ‘Power Four’ as the main inner muscles of the core that Mama on the Move focus on: The transverse abdominis, (TVA) the pelvic floor (PF), multifidus and […]

One thing clients are often surprised about is that they can and should be working their core muscles during pregnancy. As Tamsin talked about in her blog, most people are not really sure what their core muscles are or how to properly engage them. Many think they are your abdominals (the “six pack muscle”) and […]

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Any questions?

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Please remember to stop exercising should you feel any pain or discomfort whilst taking part in this programme and consult your midwife or GP for further advice.

You must seek your GP or midwifes consent before commencing with this exercise programme. You cannot hold Mama on the Move liable in any way for any injuries that may occur whilst taking part in this programme.