Our pregnancy programme includes


  • 5 fitness workouts safe for your specific stage of pregnancy
  • 5 demonstration videos
  • 35 Different Fitness exercises
  • Short, effective workouts that can be done at home or in the gym


  • 5 Pilates workouts safe for your specific stage of pregnancy
  • 6 demonstration videos
  • 48 Different Pilates exercises
  • Online workouts that can be done at a time that suits you


  • Nutrition information and advice
  • Habit coaching to help you develop and maintain healthy eating practices
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes
  • Advice on portion control and supplementation during pregnancy


Access to a closed Facebook group where you can get tips and advice from us and support from other mums.

Regular challenges to help motivate you and keep you focused.

Bonus material

A copy of our Pregnancy Exercise Guide with advice on safe exercising in pregnancy, pelvic girdle pain and supine hypotensive syndrome.

Information sheets for how to adapt your gym exercise classes to your particular stage of pregnancy.

Created by mums

As mums to young children we understand the challenges that pregnancy brings.

We created this programme to be flexible, with short effective workouts that you can easily fit into your day.


Exercising in pregnancy provides immediate and long term benefits to both you and your baby, from improving the quality of your sleep to preparing your body for labour and delivery.

You should know…

Many mums are unsure about what exercises are safe. Mama on the Move online Pilates and fitness programmes are effective and safe for the different stages of pregnancy and can be done at a time and place that suits you.


Please remember to stop exercising should you feel any pain or discomfort whilst taking part in this programme and consult your midwife or GP for further advice.

You cannot hold Mama on the Move liable in any way for any injuries that may occur whilst taking part in this programme. You must seek your GP or midwifes consent before commencing with this exercise programme.

Please note, this programme has been developed by Laura Gibb and Tamsin Yates from Mama on the Move. Please do not sell or copy.