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Guest Blog: Making Time for Me

Hello ladies, I hope you are all well and the year has started in good spirits for you. It has been one month since I made a public pledge to make time for me. "How is that going?" I hear you cry, well let me tell you while I sit here eating my personal stash […]

How to Properly Engage your Core (TVA and Pelvic Floor)

The term “core” is really a fitness buzzword and its actual meaning can be debated to no end. If you have read Tamsin’s blog you know about the ‘Power Four’ as the main inner muscles of the core that Mama on the Move focus on: The transverse abdominis, (TVA) the pelvic floor (PF), multifidus and […]


Lets Talk about Snacks

It’s actually good to snack! As long as you make healthy choices … eating little and often revs up metabolism, provides us with essential nutrients and keeps our blood sugar levels steady…. I assume most people are now familiar with the term hangry? “A state of anger and irritability resulting from being hungry” It’s actually […]

Antenatal Depression and Exercise

Depression in pregnancy is perhaps less widely talked about as postnatal depression. I suffered from antenatal depression during my second pregnancy, having not fully recovered or been treated from the PND I had with my first daughter. Added to that I was terrified of giving birth again, so I suffered from extreme anxiety about what […]

Postnatal Depression and Exercise

I thought I was totally prepared for motherhood. I luckily got pregnant with my first daughter very easily and sailed through my pregnancy, relishing pretty much every moment. I am one of those “weirdos” who love exercise, and even though 8 years ago I wasn’t then teaching fitness classes I was participating in them religiously […]

6 Reasons to do Pilates during your Pregnancy

Women are increasingly aware that exercising during pregnancy has a huge range of benefits for both mum and baby. Although I exercised throughout my first 2 pregnancies, I still suffered with the back pain that most pregnant women get. During my most recent 3rd pregnancy I practiced Pilates regularly and as a result I was […]

How my Daughter helped me to Accept my Postnatal Body

One of the most difficult things for me about the postnatal period was the changes that occurred to my body. I’d read quite a lot during my pregnancy about how the body changes as the baby grows and positively enjoyed the excuse of eating for two! However, I rather naively assumed that my body would […]

Guest Blog: Relearning how to Love my Body

Hi All, When Laura and Tamsin asked me to write a guest blog for their Mama on the Move programme I was instantly honoured and said yes without a moment's hesitation. I love writing but have never really written about something personal, so this is a great chance to stretch those legs. Then I started […]


Struggling for quick and healthy lunch ideas?

For some reason I find lunch the most challenging time to make healthy meal choices. Unlike the evening meal it’s often a bit of an afterthought and it’s often squeezed in between various jobs, chores and demands so speed and convenience often win out. Bread is often the headline act, whilst fruit and vegetables feature […]