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Women’s Health Physio Interview

We are very excited to team up with expert Women’s Health Physio Fiona Mitchell to talk about all things related to the pelvic floor during pregnancy and after having a baby.   Q: How did you get into the field of Women’s Health Physiotherapy? A: I had been a muscular-skeletal physio for years and after […]

Exercise after a Caesarean Section

I had planned a water birth, with calming music and chilled lighting. I did not want a C Section. Delivery day arrived and it wasn't going to plan. My baby needed to come safely, and so I had to put my own wishes and life aside, go beyond those doors to a bright, white room full […]

Are you Pushing your Buggy Correctly?

Pushing your baby in their pram may seem like a relatively simple task, however, many mothers are potentially contributing to injury on a daily basis in the way that they are pushing their little one/s around in their prams. If you compare this to doing exercise using bad technique you know that over time other […]

What is Mama on the Move?

At Mama on the Move you will never read anything about how doing our programmes will make you “bounce back” to your pre baby body, how following our programmes will get you “beach body ready” or any of that rubbish. Because, quite honestly that is NOT what we are about. Yes, you will lose weight […]

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Squat Mama Squat!

I think squats may just be my favourite exercise…..And so for the month of April you can join us in Squatting into Spring!! We have a different squat variation EVERY DAY and we are challenging you to take part by squatting along with us… Squats feature heavily in all my pregnancy and postnatal classes and […]

You are only one Workout away from a Good Mood

Happiness means different things to different people. With International Happiness Day tomorrow, I thought I’d write about how exercise has been vital to my happiness in motherhood. In the early postnatal stages I remember feeling suffocated by the expectation that I should be radiantly happy, when in reality I was really struggling with the realities […]

The Importance of Alignment for Pregnant and Postnatal Women

Alignment is pretty important for all of us, but especially so if you are pregnant or postnatal. Would you like to say goodbye to your lower back and neck pain? Want to repair your abdominal separation? Would you like a pelvic floor that doesn’t leak? The first step in achieving these things is mastering your alignment. […]

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Have you got a Mum Bum?

While I was having coffee and <ahem> eating cake with my lovely Pregnancy Pilates group the other day we were discussing the subject of the “mum bum”. How during or post pregnancy many of us find that our bottoms feel rather soft and lacking in muscle tone! It’s expected to have a squishy tummy post […]